Want To Start Your Career In Alternative Therapy?

Marisa is on a mission to help humanity by healing and empowering women. When women heal, the planet in turn will heal.
We have many exciting opportunities for you to start you career in alternative therapy. We love working with positive and amazing people like you. It helps bring out the best of all of us and most importantly, we progress Marisa’s mission:

Career Path 1: Practitioner

Become A Diploma-Qualified Forensic Healer and Begin Your Own Therapy Business

Since Forensic Healing is one of the fastest growing natural healing systems in the world, you’ll be starting a therapy business in an industry in demand. There are regions where Forensic Healing is only just getting known for achieving deeper, richer and long-lasting results. You’ll be able to tap into this growth opportunity.

Obviously making a living is important but getting your diploma is an opportunity to be part of something bigger, something greater, and help women, men, children, animals, and the environment worldwide.

When you choose to be certified you can get listed on our Forensic Healing Directory. Check out our directory for opportunities in your area

Career Path 2: Forensic Healing Workshop Assistant

Become A Forensic Healer Assistant and get access behind the scenes. Be part of the awesome energy while assisting Marisa and the students in the workshops and trainings.

We are always on the lookout for Forensic Healing assistants. There are 3 levels of opportunity for assistants.
1. Assisting on a volunteer basis at workshops
2. Being paid for your assistance
3. Assisting in workshops around the world (flights and accommodation paid)

All Forensic Healing assistants begin on a volunteer basis.

Level of assistance given (including complying with pre-requisites listed) and workshop student numbers, will ultimately determine the opportunities for volunteer, travel and paid work.

Here’s the attributes we look for:

Our Amazing Forensic Healing Assistants

  • You organise monthly meetup groups for Forensic Healers or those interested in Forensic Healing at locations at your discretion (you can organise that each student take turn) or via skype or cafes etc (this needs to be consistent on a monthly basis) The events to be created in the FH FB Group
  • You love using the Forensic Healing System and get consistent client results
  • You are comfortable being part of groups and directing students
  • You have attended and repeated Forensic Healing 7-day live training
  • You are consistent, supportive, respectful, grateful, loyal and honest in your relationships
  • You understand laws of attraction and take responsibility for your thoughts, conversation and activities
  • You communicate with clarity, post and comment in the Forensic Healing Facebook group where you share, inspire, and empower
  • You offer consistent, regular assistance to other Forensic Healers with questions posted in the FH FB group so they feel supported and comment on weekly blog posts to assist in the promotion of Forensic Healing.
  • You are both aware of and support the terms of the Forensic Healing policy
  • Read full requirements before applying here
Jacinta Gabrielle - Forensic Healing Instructor

Jacinta Gabrielle


Assistant Application

If you feel you meet all of the above attributes, you can apply and we will share more details after approval. You will then be given the necessary information to assist at upcoming workshops.
Use your member login and apply here...

Apply to Become an Assistant

Career Path 3: Join the Forensic Healing Team

Use Your Skills to Improve the Lives of Women Everywhere

Add your talents to Marisa’s amazing mission to heal and empower women. You already know we love working with positive and amazing people like you so imagine the possibilities, think about what we can build together? Here’s some facts about our business...

100% Distributed

We don’t have an office, and our entire team is remote. Do your work from absolutely anywhere with an internet connection.

Awesome People

We are the A team and have accomplished much, both at work and in life. You’ll join with people who bring out the best in you.

A Mission That Matters

Every day customers tell us how their lives have been changed by Forensic Healing. It’s our mission to heal and empower women to bring back humanity to the planet.

Our Business Hires in These Roles

  • Connector.

    Public Relations Specialist

  • Connector.

    Social Marketer

  • Connector.

    Event Manager

  • Connector.

    Project Manager

  • Connector.

    Client Support Services

  • Connector.

    Administrative Assistant

  • Connector.

    Personal Assistant

  • Connector.

    Wordpress Webmaster

  • Connector.

    Web/Graphic Designer

  • Connector.

    Web Developer

Apply to Join Our Team

If you support Marisa’s mission and believe you are a good match, share your credentials with us using the form below and let’s expand our impact on women...

Career Path 4: Events Team

Add Your Energy and Personality to Our Workshops, Meetups and Events

Being a member of our events team is not so much a career path yet the beginning of an association that can lead to further opportunities working together perhaps moving into one of the above career paths.

You may want to be part of the team for one of Marisa’s workshops, meetups or events in your city or region. You’ll get the opportunity to work one-on-one with Marisa and course participants, helping with marketing and administration efforts before, during and following events. You don’t have to be a Forensic Healer or past attendee to any of Marisa’s workshops, meetups or events.

This is what we’re looking for event team members;

  • A genuine and caring nature who thrives when helping other people.
  • A background in general administration or marketing is preferred.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English (and the prime language for the hosted event)
  • A can-do attitude. We want to you to be actively involved with our events team and event participant.

Apply to Join Our Events Team or Host an Event

Complete the following form and tell us if you are willing to assist online in the Forensic Healing Facebook group, comment on the blog posts and share then, and if you want to help at or host an event;