Spiritual and personal development,
energy healing, and empowerment for
women who want more in life

We specialise in spiritual development and transforming lives. We offer advanced energy healing techniques and education. This covers laws and effects of energy to fast track your success.

If you’re looking to transform and spiritually grow, improve or heal your relationships, health conditions, finances, career,  or stress, then you’ve come to the right place. Your healing journey starts here.

Join us at a live event, complete one of our online courses or train to become a Forensic Healing Practitioner or Instructor. The choice is yours.

Your energy healing and self-discovery journey
will assist and resolve:

  • Long-standing chronic health and pain problems
  • Negativity, bad luck, suffering, hardship, and feeling stuck
  • Feeling lonely, depressed, isolated and disconnected and not living your purpose
  • Offer natural, energy, organic solutions to heal yourself and your life
  • Provide Spiritual, Energy, or Holistic Courses Near You – Complete Online or come to Live Workshops
  • Reverse feelings of powerlessness, low-self worth, guilt, shame, and loss
  • Overcome a childhood of emotional, physical and sexual abuse
  • Dysfunctional relationships with your partner, friends, work colleagues or family
  • Find real, spiritual solutions based on universal laws
  • Start an empowering, natural energy healing career to transform lives
  • Remove the manipulation agenda that operates on the planet (get off the “Matrix”)

Marisa Russo: The Woman Freeing Women

energy healing courses with Marisa RussoMarisa Russo is the founder and CEO of Forensic Healing International. She is an international, award-winning teacher, author, speaker and alternative therapist as well as author of the book “Freeing the Unloved Girl”.

Her journey began over 30 years ago while searching for ways to heal herself from unbearable, physical pain. This self-healing journey opened up pandora’s box, revealing wounds from a torturous, abusive childhood.

During Marisa’s transformation, she discovered an ability to read people’s energy fields as if she were reading words on a page. It connects her mind, body, and soul at such a deep level that it causes her to physically react when healing and reading people.

This ability to read energy fields has uncovered the science of understanding how the universe works, and what it is trying to tell you.

Marisa’s mission to heal and transform people’s lives has led to sharing the stage with some of the world’s foremost thought leaders, including Rev Michael Beckwith from “The Secret” and the late Wayne Dyer.

She has featured in mainstream media including The Herald-Sun, Warner Brothers, ABC, and OASIS TV. What’s more, Marisa was invited to present at the Facebook headquarters in Dublin and was interviewed by Channel 9 news for meeting Oprah in Uluru.

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Learn the Laws and Effects of Energy
Law of Attraction

Using the Laws of Attraction or Universal Laws saves years of unnecessary worry, stress, and unhappiness.

If you knew your thoughts, intentions, emotions and belief systems, which are all energy, affect your relationships, finances, health and confidence levels, wouldn’t you want to know the science?

Do you remember the “energetic” feeling or impact from a positive, loving person or a bad feeling from a negative person?  Our Get the Universe Working for You workshop reveals the laws and effects of all types of energy.  

You will discover that your past experiences accumulate in your energy which attracts similar experiences and conditions in your life. This life-changing workshop raises your self-awareness to all laws of energy.

You will find empowerment knowing that every minute of the day you can intentionally create the life you want. After all, the purpose of life is to be happy and free!

Learn to Heal Physical and Emotional Pain with Forensic Healing Courses

Forensic Healing is an essential life tool. Everything begins with energy – just ask Einstein. When you change your energy, you change your outcomes. Forensic healing not only heals you, but gives you the tools to heal your children, friends, animals, environments, businesses, or anyone who needs help.

Heal Your Past Experiences

Your current state of health and happiness is the direct result of your past experiences and past lives stored in your cells, DNA, and energy fields. Just as you are what you eat, you are what you experience in life.

Remove Energy Imbalances

The build-up of major stress, trauma or abuse will cause dysfunctions. Your body responds to energy imbalances through pain, stress, anxiety, grief, tiredness, fear, hurt, low self-worth, relationship problems. The list could go on. These are signs you have ignored your physical needs and compromised your feelings and instincts.

Learn Holistic Wellness Courses to Heal Yourself of  Pain and Suffering

Get unstuck and fast-track your progress. Use healing secrets from an award-winning healing system comprised of advanced, contemporary and ancient techniques. Heal the emotions, DNA, blueprint that changes your relationships, health, career, and finances. Experience a complete energy detox and an energy spring clean! Life will never be the same as you release yourself from the Matrix.

Love What You Do By Healing Others
Become a 
Forensic Healing Practitioner or Instructor

Live your life doing what you love and get paid for it! Forensic Healing is an award-winning structured natural therapy system. It combines science and intuition to release pain, stress and chronic conditions fast. After you become a qualified Forensic Healer there are opportunities to teach.

The system identifies a client’s past stresses, traumas, and energetic damage, that cause pain, stress, and disease. Get energy healing certification online, or attend energy healing courses and workshops around the world. Globally accredited with IICT, an international institute for complementary therapists. Our courses offer an easy way to become qualified, online or attend live classes.

Opening the Case
You become a spiritual counsellor and healer using the Forensic Healing Protocol. It includes “opening the case” to ensure safety, protection, and access to organic source energy. “Profiling” finds negative patterns, belief systems, emotions and, the ages when stresses were embedded.

Identifying Clues
Finding “clues” reveals information about your client’s condition. The appropriate healing method is chosen from the 110+ unique, healing pathways available. The pathway laser targets energy and releases your client’s condition.

Closing the Case
You “close the case” to ensure it’s safe to complete your healing session. This avoids a healing crisis. The results leave you feeling energised and fulfilled knowing your clients have experienced life-changing sessions. Each success catapults your healing practice as your clients return, and refer their friends and family.

Become a Certified Energy Healer Practitioner or Instructor through Forensic Healing Training

Forensic Healing offers many options for you to become a certified Forensic Healing practitioner and work as a soul healer, energy healer, spiritual healer, natural or alternative therapist either online or 1-1 sessions. There are also exciting opportunities to become a Forensic Healing Instructor or Trainer to teach others how to heal themselves and their friends and family.

Holistic Intuitive Healing Certification

Forensic Healing assists you to become more intuitive and connected which enhances your intuitive abilities. As you heal others, it heals you as a practitioner as a strong connection occurs between you and the client. Spiritual and Intuitive gifts are restored to bring you into your full potential. As these abilities grow, you become confident in the spiritual guidance you receive. These abilities create better outcomes and guidance for your clients. You advance your confidence as an intuitive healer to gain your practitioner certification.

Love yourself enough to grow, heal, and transform your life



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