Forensic Healing Assistant Guidelines

Welcome to Forensic Healing assistant guidelines that have been created to keep Forensic Healing operating in its full potential. We are in the business of dealing with healing energy, therefore we need to ensure the “energy” of Forensic Healing retains high standards.

High standards are reflected in the consistent, proven results from healings and students wanting to attend Forensic Healing training. This gives you the opportunity as an assistant, to grow with us, be part of the team and do what you love.  

Forensic Healing assistants represent Marisa and the Forensic Healing brand. Your energy and thoughts influence the company. Forensic Healing has attracted some amazing women and their awesomeness keeps us all growing on a global scale.

We know that the old ways of living in the world don’t work. Hence the constant change that’s occurring in the world and Forensic Healing. The image and energy of Forensic Healing is young, fresh, light, empowering, open, bright, connected, intellectual, deep and new which is a reflection of what the world needs to progress.

To ensure we are growing together, it is important to keep the guidelines consistent, clear, positive, professional, open and flowing for you as the assistant, practitioner, client or anyone who associates with Forensic Healing.

For you to assist in our workshops we need students to attend them. For this to happen, you can be part of the attraction and solution in the following ways;


  • Recognise that assisting Forensic Healing is a great opportunity to be part of something that is helping the world transition to something better. Honour the position with support, feeling energetically aligned with Forensic Healing and Marisa and maintaining the “Good Apple Policy.”

  • Demonstrate an ability to connect and support others. Participating in the Facebook Forensic Healing group is the best way to start.

  • Inform us of any negative posts or complaints about FH or Marisa. You want to be protected energetically by Forensic Healing and Marisa, then you need to give the same protection in return. Disassociate with negative people or people against FH or Marisa as this affects Forensic Healing and others associated with Forensic Healing.

  • Lead/respond in the Facebook group, create a monthly meetup, (this can be done at your home, other students home or via skype) and comment weekly blog posts etc.


  • Forensic Healing will continue to change as it becomes more global. Trust the changes and support its direction.

  • Recognise that blocks/obstacles in life come from within, not outside of yourself

  • If a Forensic Healer is struggling in their personal/professional life, seek help, work on yourself etc (which is what you require your clients to do). Walk your talk and be congruent and take care of yourself.

  • Maintain professional Facebook pages with professional or high quality clear head shots as potential students will see your FB page and be influenced by your profile. Alternative healing profession needs to be taken seriously and we need to demonstrate we take our profession seriously so we receive respect and acknowledgement for our work.


  • Technology is, and will continue to play an important role in the expansion of Forensic Healing. It is essential you are familiar with technology as using Skype, FB ( to create FB events) etc and various other apps for events, etc. that are part of our assistant program

  • Be tech savvy, use Google to find answers to technical questions when using unfamiliar software.

Forensic Healing assistants are representing Forensic Healing. They must conduct themselves professionally and support the empowerment of women.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in building a powerful mission that is changing the world.

Many blessings for all that you do to help others,

Marisa xxx